The Talented Susanne Bier

by Peter on May 13, 2011

The Danish director Susanne Bier is an interesting and very talented movie maker. As we all know, her In a Better World won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2011. So far she has made 11 movies, the most well-known are the romantic comedy The One and Only (1999),  Brothers (2004), and After the Wedding (2006). Bier has said “My first job as a filmmaker is to not make a boring film.” So far she seems to have been good at avoiding that!

In an interview, New York Times writes that

Despite the painful situations she explores, Ms. Bier says she is scrupulous about ending her movies on a hopeful note. And she makes it a point not to alienate audiences. “I do believe that movies need to have an ability to communicate,” she says. “For me moviemaking is not pure art. It is a mass medium, even if it should be artistically coherent.

I have not yet seen In a Better World, but I have seen two of the other movies by Susanne Bier,  Brothers and After the Wedding, and liked them both. Naturally, I am looking forward to seeing the Academy Award winner!

Here is the official trailer for In a Better World:

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