Do you fear trolls? The Troll Hunter movie

by Peter on May 10, 2011

The Troll Hunter is a scary, intriguing and interesting new Norwegian mockumentary. Something bad is happening in Norway, and again it seems to be those blasted trolls. So now it’s time for all good Norwegians to meet up and go hunting the buggers.

Andre Ovredal’s The Troll Hunter is funny and scary, and for the last couple of weeks it has started to go viral on the net. So, if you dare – if you’re not too scared of Norwegian trolls – have a look:

And the story? Student journalists making a documentary on bear poaching in the Norwegian countryside stumble upon a secret war between government operatives and stony giants. Thrust into danger and intrigue, the students suddenly need to bone up on troll defense. All of us know the rules of zombie and vampire combat, but how is it again that trolls operate?

The film features raw “documentary” footage and a healthy dose of CGI magic in a romp through troll lore. The integration of the massive menaces into seemingly amateur video is exhilarating and hilarious, as gargantuan trolls of many varieties blend into the landscape and sniff out Christians. Once the students realize the extent of the danger posed by the creatures, they set out to document the daily tasks of a troll hunter, in this case a disgruntled government employee fed up with a government bureaucracy that wants him to fill out troll death certificates after an arduous day of hunting. While documenting his activities, the students become embroiled in efforts to seek out and vanquish ever more dangerous and odd beasts, soon dropping their embedded journalist status and becoming troll hunters themselves. Icy adventures in caves, mountains and plains await the avid crew.

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